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A truck driving game for anyone

Euro Truck Simulator is a simulation game by SCS Software that centers around completing various jobs as a truck driver to earn more money and purchase better vehicles. The game is dated and has had many sequels or spin-offs made that provide an updated experience. Each truck model is based on a counterpart found in real life.

Truck around Europe in comfort

Euro Truck Simulator is a Windows and Mac OS X simulation game about driving large vehicles around the various cities in Germany or country-sides in France as you complete jobs and earn cash. The premise is simplistic and easy to enjoy casually.

Unlike the sequel game and the titles based in other countries, Euro Truck Simulator has graphics that are underwhelming compared to more recent game releases.

However, due to its age, the game is easy to download and play on almost any computer system. It requires only 2Gb of space and 1Gb of RAM to run, but the experience is lessened without a gamepad or steering wheel controller to connect to your PC. This game will receive no future updates.

Realistic models

The models used for the trucks you drive in Euro Truck Simulator are based on real versions you can find on the road today. This causes the game to feel more realistic and immersive as you haul your cargo.

Cars on the road beside you are also realistic and watching them from behind your windshield while monitoring your dashboard creates a unique level of gameplay immersion.

Decent graphics

The game is dated, having been released in 2008. However, the graphics that you’ll see for each model are still of high quality. Trucks are rendered clearly, and the environment is beautiful to watch as you drive past it.

Repetitive gameplay

Euro Truck is a driving simulation game, which causes it to feel somewhat realistic even though it’s happening on your computer screen. The genre type is known for its repetitiveness, and ETS is no different.

The game is a cycle of accepting jobs, driving to complete them, earning money, and repeating until you can afford a new truck. Once you’ve purchased a new vehicle, the cycle begins again. This isn’t necessarily bad as the game can be relaxing when played casually, but it falls off when being played often.

Any computer

Due to the age of Truck Simulator, the game can be played on almost any computer. This includes older systems that can’t run most modern games that require an enormous amount of ram and a high-end graphics card.

Different yet the same

In the end, Euro Truck Simulator is a game that drives you along the road to boredom. The gameplay itself may be different, but it lacks the adrenaline or excitement you’d receive from a regular racing game. You’re limited by the laws of the road and the traffic around you.

Racing titles are similarly repetitive in their nature of play. They force you to race, earn new cars, race again, and repeat over and over. However, it’s the adrenaline rush from playing a fast-paced racing game that keeps it from feeling monotonous. Euro Truck doesn’t offer anything like that.


As Euro Truck Simulator is a popular game with many sequels or spin-off titles available, there are many great alternatives to play if you want an updated game or different experience.

American Truck Simulator is similar to the Euro titles but provides players with American routes and driving laws as well as acting as a virtual tour for anyone outside of the USA.

Euro Truck Simulator 2 furthers the journey that the original title provides. There are many DLC options available to extend the gameplay options and vehicles available to drive. The game has updated graphics as well that places you directly in the driving seat

Forza Street is unlike the other alternative games, fulfilling your need for adrenaline with fast-paced racing and stunning cars. The game is fun and provides an amazing experience with challenging races.

Dated but still a blast

While Euro Truck Simulator is a bit of an old game, it’s still an excellent game for older computers or any system with low resources. Regardless, the scenery in-game is always beautiful to watch while playing. The game is, however, tedious as the jobs and roads become repetitive.

There are no future updates coming to this game as newer releases are available. However, there are multiple games from the same developers that have improved upon this classic.


  • Great graphics for an old title
  • Enjoyable soundtrack
  • Appealing scenery
  • Low resource requirements


  • Repetitive
  • Slow progression

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User reviews about Euro Truck Simulator

  • Anoop Ambily

    by Anoop Ambily

    its very intresting to play and thrilling weather and i can feel that iam driving a truck really.roads are good .

  • srivathsan svn

    by srivathsan svn


  • Csabi Árgyusi

    by Csabi Árgyusi

    I ts a cool game so.... I liked to play it.I want to drive truck like Mercede,Scania Volvo.i got a whell so lets play euro truck simulator bye

  • adnan kul

    by adnan kul

    i love the game for windows 8

  • Ponchito Francia

    by Ponchito Francia

    i want to try Euro Truck Simulator just like in the real open road .
    i love this game and i want to try this game for sure ETS is my choice

  • Anonymous

    by Anonymous

    I like this game because i enjoy to play it.
    Euro truck simulator make simply transportation of goods and sevices
    Pros: playing games>watching tv
    playing football More


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